Fear AI or Fuel Your Business With It : The Choice is Yours...

Join me LIVE and learn how to use the Power of AI to Create Ads that Drive Traffic like Crazy! 
June 24 - 28th
*PLUS tons of Surprise FREE Gifts, Bonuses & Resources For Your Success!
*For those who accept the challenge, attend, and fully engage*
You will have the opportunity to win cash prizes and giveaways! Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the immense value and awesome-ness that is about to go down!

 The main business-changing thing you’ll learn is how to use a handful of crucial AI tools to... a fraction of the time and produce even more attention grabbing ads & content that sells! USE AI TO CREATE:


I'll show you language to use in your ads that get people EXCITED about your products and services!


I'll be giving you my top-selling scripts that have earned me millions in sales online that you can easily copy and use in your business!


I've created simple ads and content that have earned 40 MILLION+ Views! Most of which I've shot on my handy-dandy cell phone! I'll show you how!

In this challenge I’ll show you how to use AI to:

  • Create super funny and hilarious Ads!
  • ​Create visibility in your market.
  • Sell more of that awesome product or service you’re selling!
  • Grow your social media following. Woot woot 😀 
  • Get the word out about your business in a HUGE way.
  • Create content that sells not only in ads but in your social media content too!
  • Use a handful of modern AI Tools to blow up your brand!!
  • Look and sound like a Rockstar to your customers!
*PLUS tons of surprise FREE gifts, bonuses & resources for your success!

Creating Funny and Engaging Ads is Not As Complicated As You Think!

These two “Unpolished” ads brought in 7 Figures and they were Shot on An Iphone! 👇👇

Don’t worry, you could know NOTHING about A.I. or Creating Ads when you sign up for this challenge and I’ll show you all the ropes!

...and you don't need a professional camera, videographer, or team.

Hey There, I’m Your Amaze-Balls Instructor!

Kristine Mirelle

I can't wait to share with you how to use AI to create great ads that sell!! In this challenge, I'll show you how I took a couple of small businesses and created massive sales using just my cell phone and how AI tools have made it 10X easier!

Best part? You  don't need a whole bunch of people, fancy writers, or even cool equipment. All you need is your own phone and a desire to have some real fun!

But that's not all. In this workshop, we're not just talking about making ads - we're actually going to MAKE THEM. And here's a cool twist - I'll be giving out cash prizes for the best ones we create!
*PLUS a tons of surprise FREE gifts, bonuses & resources for your success!

If You Are NOT Creating Video Ads, YOU'RE MISSING OUT! 

Great Video Ads Can Get MASSIVE Engagement For Your Business!

Imagine if people Could NOT WAIT for you to post your next ad! 👇👇

Studies are Showing That Video Content Outperforms Static Images Over and Over Again


Video Ads were the #1 way consumers discovered a brand they later purchased from


Consumers rated video the #1 best form of content while shopping online


Video has best ROI (return on investment ) for marketer advertising business


93% of businesses landed a new customer after sharing a video on social media


Animoto researched 1000 business owners and consumers and found the following stats:

  • Videos on Facebook get watched 10% - 30% more than other types of ads. That's a lot!
  • On Instagram, videos get 38% more likes and comments than just pictures. Wow!
  • Over half the people say they wish to see more videos from the brands they really like.
  • Big users on Instagram are now posting way more videos. Even though Instagram started as a photo place, these users are sharing videos 90-100% more every year!

So, What’s the Big Idea? 

Videos are not just cool, they really work! When businesses put a video on the internet, 93% of them say they got a new customer because of that video. That's awesome!

Why do Video Ads work better?

Video ads are not just a highly engaging machine but a secret weapon for increasing your leads and conversions. – they not only catch your eye but also help bring more people to your door.

People don't just glance at videos; they stick around to watch. When users see a video, they often stop scrolling to really get what it's about. This means they spend more time with the video, giving businesses a better shot at getting a click and purchase. 

Videos keep people watching longer, which results in a higher possibility of them clicking on your ad!

However, it’s essential to remember that while the medium is vital, the effectiveness of an ad largely depends on the quality and relevance of its content. A poorly executed video will not do well!

You still have to have the main elements that a HIGHLY CONVERTING VIDEO ad should contain and THAT’S what I’ll be teaching on this challenge.

I’ve had the privilege of creating ads for companies where some have sold well over 100 million in sales each, and am now excited to show you simple ways that you can great ads that sell for your business too!
*PLUS a tons of surprise FREE gifts, bonuses & resources for your success!

The “MAKE FUNNY ADS WITH A.I.” Challenge Will Guide You How to Create an Ads That Drive Traffic Like Crazy

...from no idea to creating engaging ads that your audience will actually love with the Power of AI!

Here’s Everything You’ll Learn In the 5-day Challenge

Pain in The Ads 💰💰

I share how I made my first million dollars online WITHOUT any formal training, no team, no copywriters, and no fancy recording equipment.

My brother sat on a toilet and talked about one of my products and I sold 7 figures worth of it. *literally turned crap into millions* :)

Then, we will have a blast breaking down some of my most profitable ads and other ads in the world, why they worked, and how you can model your own ads by following a few simple steps to show your customers how you can alleviate the PAIN of whatever they're feeling right now. I'll show you how to create ads that sell! :)

Best part? I'll show you how to leverage AI to do most of the work for you!

Value: $997

Kiss My Ads 🔥

We'll be learning how to create ads that entertain and appeal to the emotions of your customers while selling your fantastic products. The best part? We make the entire process a ton of fun!

I'll share some gems for crafting ads that hit the bullseye. We'll dive into understanding your customer's needs like a pro, even if are unsure of what to say or do in your ads. I'll show you how to use AI to not only write your ads, but even show you how to film your ads. (Crazy right?)

I'm excited to show you some cool AI tools that can not only save you a ton of time but also ramp up your sales, make your posts more engaging, and grow your social media tribe. 

Value: $997

Open A Can Of Whoop Ads

Regardless of your line of work, whipping up awesome content can be a piece of cake! Even if...
🤗 You think you're as interesting as a doorknob, OR...
🤗 You believe your business has the entertainment quotient of a tax audit...
  • I'll show you how I create content that sells! I combine the power of paid ads with organic ads to create an unstoppable selling machine. 
  • And if you're ready for some live action, we'll be crafting ads together –  This is the day when you'll craft your own ads to bag some cash prizes! 

Value: $997

Let's Kick Some Ads! Shoot Edit Like a Pro 🎉

Now we've written our awesome ad scripts!! Now let's film and edit our ads like a Pro!!!
  • I'm going to show you how to film and edit with simple apps on your phone! (Trust me, it's waaaay easier than you think)
  • I'll Show You How To Avoid Memorizing Lengthy Lines
  • I'll throw in a handful of nifty tricks that'll keep viewers watching your ads instead clicking on the next cat video. (Although, we do love those, don't we?)

Value: $997

Best Ads Awards Day 🎉

For Those Who Accept the challenge, Attend, and Fully engage, this is the day for you! I'll be...
  • Announce the Winners of Cash Prizes for Best Funny Ads! Woot Woot!
  • Bonus Q&A Session
  • Ad Prompts that you can copy and paste into Chat GPT To write ads FOR YOU
  • and more Bonuses will be announce!
Make sure you stay untill the end of the event for more surprises!.

Value: $1,000 Worth of Cash Prizes Given Away!

You Might be Thinking... 
Is this for Me...?

This Is Not for you if you DON'T LIKE to MAKE MONEY:

  • You’re NOT willing to do the work. This is not get rich quick scheme
  • You want to stick with your traditional way of doing business
  • Or if being creative and trying new things is not something you want to do
  • If taking over the world is something you hate the thought of 😉

This is for you if you LIKE to MAKE MONEY:

  • You want to keep up with AI so that you're ahead of the businesses that are left in the dust!
  • You want to equip yourself with a clear roadmap to create engaging ads that convert!
  • You want highly engaging ads that make people want to comment, like, share, and BUY whatever you're selling

“Studies Show That People Prefer to Make Money Rather Than Not Make Money”

-Captain Obvious- 

I Had The Honor of Sharing How to Create Ads That Sell at the Funnel Hacking Live Stage in 2022.

In this Challenge, I'll be going IN DEPTH on each of the concepts I shared EVEN MORE!

At the end of the day, You know your product or service is awesome, but there are a few key ways to make sure THE WORLD KNOWS IT.

That's what we're going to cover in this challenge. Because you know what's the best ability? VISIBILITY. I'll show you how to get visibility by using AI to get ahead of the competition.

Don’t Just Take My Word For It..

See What Other People Said About Working With KRISTINE

Kristine has collaborated with The Life Coach School founder, Brooke Castillo to create funny ads for her events, books, and school!

Brooke Castillo

Founder and CEO of The Life Coach School
Tom Camp entered Kristine's challenge as an aspiring ads creator. Within weeks of finishing Kristine's challenge, Tom booked multiple shoots charging $10K-$15K shooting ads for other businesses plus profit share!

Tom Camp

ads creator
Eric Beer's company has done more than 100 Million Dollars in Sales (Whoa!)

Kristine's agency creates all of Eric's video ads and content for a number of his companies!

Eric Beer

Performance Marketer 100 Million in Sales
Meeta is a business owner that attended Kristine's challenge and coaching program!

My ads are performing! In very few days, I am making profit out of it so I am so so so happy!” AND “I even got an award in her five day challenge. I used that ad on social media and it got me new clients

Meeta Dani

Business and Art Coach for 
Watercolor Professionals

Or Do You Want Your Ads Flooded with Hundreds of These Comments...

Still On The Fence? What About This...

We Back You Up With
"Your Ads Won't Suck Anymore"


If you join this challenge and do all of the work 
and your ads still suck...

We will put you on the "wall of shame" and record videos of 8 year old kids laughing at your photo and calling you names to teach them what failure looks like.
(Totally Kidding. But Not Really)


Kristine Mirelle made her first million in sales using solely paid ads for promotion WITH almost no wifi and cell phone service.

She was living on a farm in the middle of New Mexico and had to completely rely on paid ads to drive traffic.

With conversion-driven ads, she attracted 30 Million views and 7-Figures in sales within 18 months.

She now creates ads for multi-million dollar brands and and influencers.

Kristine is also passionate about teaching and helping other business-owners increase sales through creative ads and content while having a blast!

She also hates writing about herself in 3rd person.

In Case You’re Just Scrolling Down Here...

You’re Probably Wondering How Much Will It Costs To Attend this Awesome 5-Day Challenge on June 24th - 29th?


I’ll show you everything how to craft, script, shoot and launch your video ads using AI that drive traffic like crazy without spending thousands of dollar using resources available to you.
*PLUS a tons of surprise FREE gifts, bonuses & resources for your success!

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